Launching the 4Motion / R32

There are two ways of launching

Option 1

Revving the engine to a relatively low RPM, Bogging the car at taking off and spinning the clutch while youíre at it.

Youíll smoke the clutch pretty soon if you keep doing this. This will also add some shock load to the transmission and drive-train.

Option 2

Revving the engine to a relatively high RPM, you spin the tires but only just long enough to keep the clutch from slipping, then you work your way down to the perfect rpm for that particular driving condition.


The trick with any 4WD car is to get all 4 tires spinning immediately but just long enough to keep the clutch from slipping (and take some of the shock load off the drive-train and transmission).

1) Rev the engine till around 5000rpms (try slightly different revs to get the perfect one for your car, 5000rpm is good for R32 mk4)

2) Bring the clutch up till *almost* engagement point and hold it there before launching.

3) Take your foot off the clutch pedal like itís something very hot under your foot but donít sidestep the clutch. The reason for this is if you sidestep your foot is on the floor and youíve got to get it back up to shift to 2nd almost immediately. So no sidestepping.

4) Chances are youíll be spinning around now, come down the revs a little till the tires stop spinning and grip.

5) If you got the perfect rpm, you should get a little wheel-spin followed by no bogging, just a perfect launch.

Try this with high rpm and work them down with each launch until you get the one that works for you.

Remember, if a 4300 rpm launch bogs or causes clutch slippage, then a 5000 rpm launch is better for the car. Also its good to note that launching on the street is different than launching on the track, so adjust revs accordingly.

All this with ESP off

Big Thank you to VW Vortex for much of this info.